Anshul Mudnani

Anshul (1)
Title: la Espectativa
140 X 90
Acrylic on canvas
year: 2014
 Anshul (4)
Title: 5.99
125 X 166 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2016
Anshul (1)
Title: 09.22
170 X 250 cm
Acrily on canvas
Year: 2016



Born in 1978 in India, Anshul Mudnani is an upcoming artist without any formal training in the field and no real influences other than Vincent Van Gogh. There is no direct evidence of impressionism in his work apart from the fact that he admires the person that was Van Gogh.

Anshul spent his formative years growing up in a wildlife reserve in the south of India which he represents with earthy tones in his palette along with his love for nature, especially trees. Having lived in Mexico for over tenyears now, the symbiosis of the vibrant colours of the two cultures also show a heavy influence in some of his work.

He has held two solo exhibitions in Mexico City, My Many Moods and 3 by 10 in the Bohemian bar Okupa. The former is a series of faces depicting different emotions while the latter is a collection of three recurring themes: faces, trees and erotica.Since then Anshul has been displaying his work at Galeria Misrachi, a preeminent art gallery in Mexico City. He has also been a part of various group shows in Mexico City, Acapulco and Cancun, Popular beach resorts in Mexico.

According to Anshul his work is characterised by the opposite emotion he feels in real life. When he’s happy his work is usually dark and when he’s depressed bright colours and bold strokes inspire his work. This is how he attempts to maintain a harmonious balance with his existence.


Collective exhibitions

1998: Himalayan Arts Gallery, Katmandu India
2000: Gallery Council, Katmandu India
2004: Hotel Dann Carlton Bogota, Colombia
2005: Hotel Intercontinental Medellin, Colombia
2005: Hotel Dann Carlton Bucaramango, Colombia
2008: Galeria de Arte Kamilo, Bogota Colombia
2008: Galeria de Arte ‘Mundo Art’, Bogota Colombia
2009: Hotel Intercontinental, Panama
2010: Hotel Intercontinental, Panama
2011: Casino Crown, Panama
2012: ‘Is Art’ Gallery, Panama
2012: Galeria Internacional de Texas
2012: Galeria Misrachi mexico D.F.
2013: Galeria 88 de Texas
2013: Galeria Misrachi Mexico D.F.
2015: Galeria play Miami
2015: Galeria Misrachi Mexico D.F.
2015: Artok gallery mexico Acapulco centro comercial la isla .
2015 : artok gallery . Y éter magazine México . Hacienda de thalpan
2016 : artok gallery y galería turquesa mexico , Cancún
2016: Galeria Valentina Orlando Florida
2017 : artok gallery . Madrid y restaurante grupo la embajada
2019: Artok Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2019: Artok Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands

Individual expositions

2010: Hotel intercontinental, Panama
2011: ‘Is Art’ Gallery, Panama
2012: ‘Is Art’ Galery, Panama
2012: Hotel Marriott, Panama
2012: Galleria de Arte Misrachi Polanco
2013: Hotel Intercontinental presidente Mexico D.F.
2013: Galeria de Arte Misrachi Santafe
2013: Galeria de Arte 4 Monterrey
2014: Galeria de arte Misrachi Polanco
2016: Galeria de Arte Misrachi Polanco