Oneire Mora (1973)


Oneire-Mora---Atmosfera-del-pintorTitle: Atmosfera del pintor
73 x 100cm
Oil on canvas

Title: Composition in E Major
130 x 162 cm
Oil on canvas

Title: Vinilos
132 x 160 cm
Oil on canvas



Venezuela 1973

Throughout his life Oneire was fascinated by European architecture, monuments and sculpture, a lot of which he discovered during his travels, particularly in France, Spain and Israel. In 2007 he started painting and the inspiration from these trips found expression in his oil paintings which he presented in various exhibitions around the world. Oneire has also been exploring his own abstract technique, characterised by intertwining linear shapes and vivid colours that represent harmony, balance and movement. Currently he is based in Valencia, Spain, where he continues to develop himself as an artist.


Individual exhibitions

2018 Galería Javier Román, Marbella, Spain
2018, Galería Javier Román , Antwerp, Belgium
2018, Galería Javier Román, Benevento, Italy
2019, Galería Javier Román x Gallerie Thuilier, Paris, France
2019, Galería de Arte al Paso, New York, USA